The G-Bus Busbar automation system consists of busbar modules, a transmitter module connected to the server that sends a signal through the power line, and busbar output plugs that have the receiver unit connected to the elements of lighting. This eliminates a major item cost by not requiring any data or power supply cable. The system which is compatible with the Busbar allows for the installation on the Gersan busbar on existing installations as well.

The Lighting automation system can perform on and off commands as well as dimming Fluorescent luminaires without any ballast and starter fitted.

The system can also be installed onto existing hard wired systems by fitting dinrail units into dbs and and also fitting receiver modules onto the units to be controlled. The existing wired system is used for transmitting the signals. It is a very versatile and easy to install system. The HMI unit is easy to program and can easily be connected and controlled externally by cellphone or internet.
To watch a video of the G-Bus please click here